DHSE is a consulting engineering company committed to the advancement of clean and efficient energy conversion and storage devices to reduce or replace the use of non-renewable resources.

DHSE provides experimental, analytical, and design/development consulting engineering services for applications requiring battery and hydrogen energy storage and conversion systems. DHSE has extensive control/charge algorithm development experience and test experience with major EV battery chemistries and drivetrain systems.

DHSE provides services related to Li battery and renewable/alternative energy storage and conversion systems.

Core Capabilities:

  • Analysis and Specifications of Applications
  • Development and Testing of Energy Storage, Conversion, and Control Systems
  • Prototyping and Application Demonstration

DHSE develops innovative engineering solutions to energy storage problems.
In-house design and development results in fast turnover rates for engineering solutions.
Work can be done under confidentiality agreement with the resulting intellectual property remaining with the customer.

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